Aluminum Floating Roofs (AIFR's)

Aluminum Geodesic Domes

Floating Roof Seals

Storage Tank Products



CLI provides the best solution for each application.  Whether a material only requirement or turnkey installation we are the single point solution for each and every project.


We have the ability to supply supervision, crews, or just manage your project supply.


We have worldwide references capable of any size project.  Additionally CLI has installation expertise on over 100 aluminum roof projects.





​We are the experts in assisting our customers with the supply of aluminum roofs and products for the storage tank industry.  


As a non-adversarial option, Owners and General Contractors alike can focus on these types of projects utilizing CLI as a one stop resource for turnkey response, thus reducing costs and saving time while adding quality with never a sacrifice to safety.  




Partnered with best in class solutions for the engineering and supply of aluminum floating roofs, geodesic dome roofs, floating roof seals, roof drains and accessory tank products.  


Additionally CLI offers turnkey installation and supervisory services, allowing CLI to pass experience and safety to the end user from one point of contact.


Customer Service and Beyond!

Our goal at CLI is to offer a turnkey solution for aluminum product supply and installation.  With our site installation experts this is the new reality for the Aluminum Roof Products Market.  Within one service request we can estimate, procure, deliver and install aluminum floating roofs, aluminum dome roofs and other storage tank products throughout the US, Canada, Central and South America or beyond.


With over 15 years of dedicated experience, let CLI bring you the trusted products, project management and customer service that you deserve!

Lucy Patricio - President & Managing Partner